Team Behind the Scenes...

Nothing feels better than knowing you trust us with your business. Thank you. It means a lot and it is why we do what we do.

When you support a small business like mine, you not only support my family and my dreams, but also my employees. So I would love to introduce you to the team behind the scenes. From left to right:

Kaitlyn's primary role at the warehouse is shipping, and flat lay photography. When you get that "Sweet! Your order has shipped" email, just know that she packaged it with love and worked hard to get it out asap for you. 

I'm Amy, and I own Simply Me. From buying, photographing, marketing, shipping, cleaning, customer service, and so on... I love my job and will always be a part of the day to day functions.

Annie went from SMB Shopper to Employee. She started out as our Product Specialist but her position has evolved into Social Media Management as well. 

Stacy works for us part-time and her primary task is Warehouse Control. She is our Master Organizer, and muscle, and keeps the warehouse in tip top shape. 

If you ever have questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to text us any time. Our warehouse textline is: (239) 203-3801.

Thanks again for shopping with us. You truly made our day.

Amy Piechocki

January 28, 2020 — Amy Piechocki