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Fit to be Tied

Hello world. My name is Amy, and I’m a Scarf-aholic.

A scarf is without a doubt one of the simplest yet chicest of all accessories. Turn an ordinary outfit into a stylish ensemble by adding the perfect scarf. Wearing a scarf is often thought of as a winter fashion accent but with so many different shapes and fabrics, a girl can rock this trend year round… if done right.


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I absolutely love how chic a scarf can make any outfit. Now, if you’ve read Simply Me’s “About me” page you already know that I live in sunny southwest Florida where our summer temperatures are commonly in the 90’s with 100% humidity. And yes I admit, I’m still Fit to be Tied. Now, I’m not going to lie, in my neck of the woods, sporting this fab accessory can be quite challenging and I’ve suffered a few fashion faux pas myself. So, if you experience sweltering summers like I do, don’t pack them away just yet…listen up.

First of all, don’t be afraid to think outside the neck. Scarves can be worn as a sarong to cover your bikini, as a belt or even as an accessory for your bag. Wear them tied in your hair, as a headband, work them into a braid, or even as a bandana. Loosely draped at the neck can work in summer as well…but the key is to make sure the material is light so it won’t be hot and heavy. Stick with a lightweight fabric for summer and bright colors are always best to compliment your summer glow.


Fall and Winter Scarves - Shop Simply Me Boutique

Now, once the temperatures dropped…Game on. That’s right my friends, Scarf Season is in full effect. They keep you warm, giving you a cozy 'winter wonderland' feeling. It's also a great outfit addition to looking stylish during the freezing months (ok, maybe not “freezing” let’s go with “chilly” for my fellow Florida girls). While a chunky knit is sometimes just the ticket for warmth, using oversized and voluminous scarves made of lightweight fabric can give your winter look a sophisticated lift.

So no matter the season, scarves are the perfect addition to any outfit; an absolute must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled a jeans and tee-shirt outfit together with a colorful scarf, it gives a comfy casual outfit a little bit of fabulous! While a scarf is just an accessory it has the ability to transform your entire look! If you need help on how to tie a scarf I found this awesome, must watch, tutorial on YouTube; 25 different ways to tie a scarf by Wendy’s Look Book. Careful though…the next 4 minutes could very well result in the next….Scarf-aholic!! 

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'Til next time...

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