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Chambray- A Classic!

IT’S BACK! The Classic Chambray shirt is back on trend! Although we have all seen it here and there through the years the Chambray shirt was big in the 70’s and early 80’s. With so many ways to wear it no wonder it’s so popular again. Let’s start at the beginning, back up a few years, 500 years actually! Chambray fabric was first made in Cambrai, France in the 1500’s, which is where the name was derived. What exactly is “chambray” anyway? Contrary to popular belief it’s not denim. Chambray is a lightweight double-ply woven material, made primarily of cotton. This makes it super comfy.

Ok, let’s get to the fun part… How to wear it! That’s the best part; a classic chambray shirt can be worn with almost anything! It’s so versatile you can wear it season to season. Being that it looks just like denim it pretty much matches anything. The light color looks great contrasted with dark denim. You could pair it with dark jeans or jean shorts, or even white! Try different looks by buttoning it up or layering it with a tank. For those colder months, a pullover sweater makes for a classic preppy look.


Who doesn’t love all the fun bright colors out right now? Remember when I said it matches anything? I meant it! Check it out… shorts, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, sweaters, solids, floral, and everything else the Fashionista in you can think of. Over a dress try belting it or go old school and tie it up. Tucked, un- tucked, buttoned, unbuttoned, long sleeve or rolled, the possibilities are endless!

My personal favorite is to pair with a maxi, either a skirt or a dress. Add your favorite accessories to make it your own. A great necklace or scarf will give your look a pop of color. Have fun with it and most of all LOVE your look!

I will leave you with one last tip. Being here in southwest Florida and the weather that goes along with it, our sleeves are always rolled up! Here is a fun and preppy way to roll them care of J.Crew


Blog courtesy of:  Jenna McCarthy

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