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It's Wedding Season!

It's Wedding Season!

‘Tis The Season! 

The time of year when the wedding bells ring every time you open the mailbox. When The Honor of Your Presence becomes a primary request, and your vacation plans center around your friend and family’s wedding locations. It’s wedding season, of course! It is also the time of year when one these thoughts enters the mind every time you open the next invitation: 

      A.  “I am so exited for those two!”

     B.   “Wow, that happened fast…” 

     C.   “What am I going to wear to this wedding?”  

Which, being interpreted means you are:

     A. The Ideal Friend

     B. The Frank Friend 

     C. The Realistic Friend 

Simply Me Boutique wants to help to those Realistic Friends! We can help set your season styles before confirming your name on the next guest list. This may even heighten your chances of changing friend status. With your look and dress decided, you have all the time to focus becoming A. The Wonderful Friend. 

First, let’s take a moment to decode the wedding invitation dress lingo.

White Tie 

Let’s face it, unless you are a movie star or royalty – this one isn’t for you. White Tie is the most formal of wedding dress codes, and thus the requesters will notice your attire. 

Err on the conservative side. A classy look, often all-black floor length gown, fine jewelry, a simple clutch, elegant heals, and dramatic hair and makeup. Leave the sequins and scandalous at home. 

Black Tie 

Bring on the elegant ensembles! Break out the fancy jewelry and fabulous heels. This code is slightly less casual then White Tie, but you will need to keep the same formal fabrics for your evening gown or fancy mid-length cocktail dress. Check out this beauty in grey:

Black Tie Optional/Formal 

Choose a cocktail dress, evening gown or combination of both! Say hello to the formal high-low. Guests can choose their level of fanciness with options ranging from black tie attire to embellished cocktail dress. Just limit the prints and pastels. We love this one: 


Put that floor length gown in the closet and break out the cocktails! Dress length can range between mid-calf to mid-thigh with all the bright colors, or the classic LBD. For those unwilling to part with the long dress option, a light maxi for a summer wedding is no fashion faux pas. Here's one of our favorite little black dresses: 

Semi-Formal/Dressy Casual 

Think Kate Middleton. The lightweight, light-colored day or tea dress, and keep a few inches of fabric below the knee for a classic look. Garden wedding invitation? Bring out the florals! A semi-formal/dressy casual look avoids formal fabrics and heavy embellishments. Also steer clear of dark colors unless it is an evening event. We can't get enough of this one: 


Unfortunately, jeans, sweats and a worn-out t-shirt will always be a wedding no-no. Thankfully with the Casual Code, you can say yes to anything ranging from nice slacks and a blouse to a simple sundress. Stick with a light color for day and dark for evening as a wedding rule of thumb. Here's one of our best sellers, which is less than $40, and available in many colors and prints: 

Island/Beach Formal 

Easy-breezy, light, and never sleazy. Dress to impress, but don’t forget about the sun, sand and water. A juicy color, gauzy fabrics and element-friendly shoes, the Beach Formal code is a walk in the sand. We love this one: 


The festive look pops, and it is becoming the ever-popular style in the wedding world. Think loud and crazy! Break out that sequin dress or ruffled jumpsuit and go full-flare!  

Outside of no white (obvs) there is little off the table for wedding guests. This wedding season, BOLD is BACK. Embrace the bold shades of blues, reds, and yellows when planning your wedding attire, or seek the projected hottest wedding color this year – ultra violet. 

Even staying within wedding dress codes offers much liberty to display your style and personality. Still can’t decide what to wear? Take a second look at the wedding invitation. Are the colors bold? Floral? Neutral? Use that ever-growing pile of wedding invitations as your what-to-wear, style-spiration this wedding season.

Simply Yours,






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