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Quick Question. Do you like free stuff? Well, you might want to start following Shop Simply Me, PRONTO!

In fact, right this minute we're hosting not one, but TWO giveaways!!




Our best selling, "Whiskey in a Tea Cup", tank top could be yours! All you have to do, is LIKE, COMMENT, and TAG A FRIEND

Don't know how to "Tag" a friend? It's simple! Just type the @ symbol,  your friends name, then choose them from the drop down menu. Your friend will then be notified! Easy peasy! Not to mention...you'll look like a pretty awesome pal, if you both win, right?

PS: Yup, that's right. I said, "Both". Amy said that IF we get enough response, we can double this giveaway!




Feeling Nauti? Well, then you'll want to visit our Instagram page for your chance to win our gorgeous, new, "Sail Away" red dress!  

To Enter: LIKECOMMENT (size), REPOST & TAG A FRIEND - Make sure you use #ishopsimplyme so we can track your entry.

**WINNERS for both contests will be chosen at random, on or before Monday, April 6th. Winner will be notified on original post!

**RULES: Winner must Like/Follow Shop Simply Me. If winning item is sold out, you will be issued a boutique gift card in like value. 

Other reasons to FOLLOW Shop Simply Me: 

You'll also be the FIRST to know of...

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PSST!! Don't be fooled by wannabes! Our social media accounts are easy to spot b/c they all have our same, trademarked, social media profile pic. Have YOU seen THIS pic?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShopSimplyMe

Instagram: http://instagram.com/shopsimplyme

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShopSimplyMe

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/shopsimplyme/

Enter the code "ireadtheblog" at your next checkout and we'll take 10% off your entire purchase!! See, who loves ya' baby <3






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