At Simply Me Boutique – it’s all about you! Your favorite looks, colors, styles. We LOVE getting to know you, and all the things that make you, well… YOU! 

Tell Us Your…

Shopping at Simply Me Boutique speaks of your favorite style, but we want more! (We’ve heard there is more to life then shopping?). If so, we want to know. Share these posts to simply let others know about you.

Simply Me Fun - Tell Us Your

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This or That 

Decisions are tough. Chocolate or wine? Mani or pedi? Beach or spa? It’s a close call. Pick this or that, if you can. Can’t choose just one? Not a worry! At Simply Me Boutique, we say choose this or that or this AND that. (Can’t you tell we love our customers??) 

Simply Me Fun - This or That

Fave Emojis

Describe yourself using pictures only. I’ll go first.

Favorite Emojis - Boutique Owner Picks


Simply Me Fun - Favorite Emojis

Squad Goals 

A huge part of what makes you involves your crew. Something about knowing your five closest friends and I can predict your future? Well, we want to know yours! Tell us about your crew/gang/posse/squad by sharing the post below. 

Simply Me Fun - Squad Goals

Share your story and tag us in the post for your chance to be featured in a future blog. We’d love other customers to know you too. Simply Me Boutique is simply about YOU! 

Follow @shopsimplyme on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, join the Simply Me VIP Facebook group, or create a Simply Me Boutique customer account to connect. We’ll meet you there! 

Simply Yours, 


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April 01, 2018 — Amy Piechocki